Thulium:YAG Laser Combined with 1,470 nm Wavelength

The MultiPulse Tm+1470 thulium laser combines a 1,940 nm Thulium:YAG laser with a 1,470 nm diode laser (maximum power 120 W + 30 W) to enable switching from cutting to coagulation without switching fibres.  This is controlled via a foot pedal which allows the surgeon to remain focused on the operating view at all times by avoiding the need to look away to change fibres.


To create the option of enhanced coagulation effect the thulium system is integrated with 1,470 nm wavelength of the diode laser, which can be combined in the same fiber optics. The mix of the two wavelengths enables clean surgical incisions with reduced operating time and allows prostates of any size to be treated.  When even greater coagulation effect is required the switch from “cutting-mode” to the “coagulation-mode” is achieved by selecting the 1,470nm diode only using a foot pedal.


In addition to the continuous mode (CW), the MultiPulse Tm +1470 thulium laser system can work with pulsed emission, to operate with maximum precision and delicacy even in those areas that require “colder” action. Thanks to the advanced TDFA (Thulium Doped Fiber Amplifier) technology, MultiPulse Tm+1470 is a low-noise system with reduced electricity consumption.


Effective Haemostasis & Reduced Carbonisation

The MultiPulse Tm +1470 provides a clear view of the operative field due to effective haemostasis and lack of residual material from carbonization. This feature is ideal for endosurgical treatments such as ThuLEP (Thulium Laser Enucleation of Prostate) technique for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  The transurethral procedure of enucleation performed with MultiPulse Tm+1470 simultaneously allows for extremely effective cutting and coagulation, due to the optimized mix of the two wavelengths. Through ThuLEP, it is possible to guarantee complete removal of the prostate adenoma tissue, obtaining the maximum urodynamic efficacy, minimal side effects in the absence of bleeding complications or lesions.

Optional Morcellator  Allows For Removal Of Enucleated Tissue For Histopathological Exam

An optional, onboard morcellator can be added to the system.  The morcellator is easy to use and set up.  This makes the ThuLEP is thus an excellent alternative for prostatectomy, TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) or open surgery.