Hard Tissue

Laser For Hard Tissue Dental Treatments

Minimally Invasive Caries Removal

The Lightwalker cuts by combining the laser energy with a fine water mist spray that is absorbed by tissue containing water, Eg. Tooth structure, bone and soft tissue. Because caries are demineralised and contain a higher proportion of water than healthy enamel and dentine, the Fidelis II can be set to selectively remove the caries and leave the healthy structure untouched.

Produce Less Thermal Stress On Teeth

Conventional drills can create thermal stress on teeth through friction on the tooth surface. The Lightwalker lasers remove tissue via a transfer of energy in a highly targeted way. This ‘cold cutting’ process removes unhealthy tissue without creating thermal damage to surrounding or underlying areas.

 Immediate Sterilisation Of The Cavity

The Lightwalker Er:YAG laser wavelength sterilises as it cuts which improves treatment outcomes by further minimising the risk of post-treatment infection.

Deliver More Comfortable Treatments

Needles and post-treatment numbness can be major discomforts for patients. The `cold cutting’ characteristic of The Lightwalker laser means that most cavity preparation cases and some soft tissue procedures can be performed without anesthesia creating more pleasant experiences for your patients.

Lightwalker AT

Lightwalker DT

Lightwalker ST