The Most Consistent In-Office Whitening Results…

The new Smartbleach 3LT brings you the power of the world’s most advanced teeth whitening system with even greater convenience than ever before.  Smartbleach 3LT uses a special non-acidic whitening gel that will not etch the tooth enamel. The unique interaction between the light and the gel produces a whitening effect that is achieved with virtually no dehydrating of the tooth enamel. This means the results will not bounce back and the improvement achieved at the dental surgery will be maintained or improve in the days following treatment.

Photo-chemical rather than photo-thermal reaction

Smartbleach uses a patented process than no other system can use.  The pure-green light interacts with both the stained molecules in the dentine and photo-chemically with the Smartbleach gel to create a more aggressive, yet safer, whitening effect.  The results look more natural, consistent and can last for years (assuming normal dental hygiene is maintained).  And because the pure green light does not heat the pulp of the tooth which minimises the chances of sensitivity.