World-Leading Fractional RF Treatment

Fractora™ fractional RF is a highly-effective treatment for both superficial and deep dermal indications in the skin. Treatments includes superficial skin tone problems such as skin tone, texture, sun-damage and fine lines, through to deep textural concerns such as deep wrinkles, scars and vascularities,

Fractora™ works by delivering targeted bipolar RF energy to various depths in the skin to deliver effective results without the associated downtime, prolonged redness, or pigmentation changes.

Features Multiple Tip Configurations To Tailor Treatments To Patient Needs

Fractora™ offers versatility previously only available by using multiple devices. A wide range of selectable treatment tip depths, tip density and variable energy levels allow each treatment to be customised to a patient’s rejuvenation needs.

24 Tip 60 Tip 126 High Density Tip 24 Coated
Type Full Thickness Dermal Mid Dermal Strong Epidermal Impact Deep and Sub Dermal
Configuration 6x4 10x6 14x9 6x4 coated
Pin Length 3000µ 600μ 600μ 300μ
Ablation Depth 3 mm 0.6-1 mm 0.6 mm 3+ mm
3-5 mm
Max Output
62 mJ/pin
Up to 2 pps

Dermatologist Dr. Judith Hellman is an early adopter and skin expert in acne care. Her practice philosophy has been to find alternatives to Accutane and oral antibiotics for her patients. In this eSeminar Dr. Hellman explains her rationale and experience in the use of different approaches for treating various types of acne — from mild, to severe, to scars — and their associated benefits and drawbacks.

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