Body FX Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Third Generation Body Contouring with Apoptosis, Skin Contraction and Cellulite Improvements

BodyFX treatments target stubborn areas fat to produce body contouring results without needing surgery.  Body FX achieves this result with comfortable treatments that achieve permanent cell death of the fat cells.

    • Unique, dual-action RF device that combines RF tissue heating with RF Electroporation
    • Radio-Frequency provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for reduction, contraction and body shaping
    • Negative Pressure Massage applies gentle vacuum pressure allowing for maximal depth treatment
    • Clinical studies with histologies showing volume reduction and contraction

Key Features and Benefits

    • Pre-heating of tissue reduces threshold for selective pyroptosis of fat cells.
    • Sophisticated tissue temperature and impedance monitoring achieves and maintains optimal temperature to make the treatment effective and more comfortable.
    • Active temperature monitoring and control with cut-offs for unprecedented safety virtually eliminating risk of thermal injury.
    • Acquire. Control. Extend. Technology to safely optimize peak energy.