SmartXide Punto Fractional CO2 Laser –
Unique CO₂ Laser Pulse Technology At An Affordable Price

Deka Smartxide Punto

Fractional CO2 Laser

Sophisticated Performance – Affordable Price

SmartXide Punto is capable of treating even the most complex cases, such as scarring, surface pigmentation and deep wrinkles.

Key Features:

  • Unique pulse shape emission selection via PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology allows for tailoring of results and downtime
  • No consumables – reduced operating cost
  • Possibility to set all parameters (power, dwell time, pulse and scanning mode)
  • Reliability and control with minimum thermal damage and optimal recovery time

Tailored Treatment with PSD® Technology

The core of Deka Fractional CO2 lasers is an RF-excited CO₂ source empowered by PSD® technology that can produce fractional laser pulses with variable pulse shapes, duration, energy and peak powers.  This allows physicians to precisely balance thermal effects and ablation:

Ablation: the high peak power delivered in the first part of the pulse releases a great amount of energy very rapidly and causes immediate ablation of the epidermis and the topmost skin layers.

Thermal Effect: following the ablation, the CO₂ laser energy is transformed in heat propagating deep in the dermis and producing an immediate “shrinkage” of the tissues with a stimulation of the production of new collagen.

3 Laser Pulse Shapes